HITO solutions allow healthcare organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve performance, all while staying within the bounds of compliance and patient privacy concerns

Make improving compliance attractive and cost-effective

HITO software applications come standard with a set of powerful platforms features to simplify the management of your data and processes. 

HITO TRACER compliance and accreditation management solution, lets you “track and trace” all standardization programs, people and organizations you manage and run them through your processes as they work to meet the standards you’ve set.

Data collection and data management come together in a powerful system that’s purpose-built for accreditation and improvement progress.

HITO TRACER makes it easy to create accreditation standards in password-protected environments at all levels within the enterprise; for individual users, groups, departments, et cetera.

In each environment you can manage multiple accreditation programs and question sets and various types of “internal audits” such as tracers, safety and quality rounds, checklists, which you can turn on/off to appear on the App.

Proactive engagement in quality improvement is built trough a  efficient and easy to use tool, and an uncluttered dashboard for real-time feedback of improvement data.


Reports & dashboards

Task management

Email notifications

Mobile  access

Configurable forms

Exceptional data security

Client community

Support & learning portal

Quality Beyond Accreditation Compliance

Easy to Use

Create accreditation standards within the enterprise for individual users, groups, departments, ect..

Create your Environment

In each environment you can manage multiple accreditation programs and question sets and various types of “internal audits”

Safe & Secure

Our system ensures the security of all your vital information with optimal reliability.                                                                                     .

Experience the benefits

Secure cloud or on-premise installations  .  HIPAA compliant  . Consolidate your systems into one , easy to access cloud‑based solution .

Quality improvement

Increasingly important is the continuous detection of the effectiveness of your quality and safety controls.

More Informed Decisions

Enables health professionals to effective improve quality and safety by using timely and action-oriented compliance data and information.

 Are you ready to move beyond compliance measurement against standards targets?


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